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About Kailash Herbals
Kailash Herbals the Ayurvedic Medical Pharmacy started in the year 2010 with an humble and innovative thought of Dr. Rajan Sharma. With his more than 12 years of experience as a general Practioner he thought of sharing his knowledge and services to the humanity by our Specially Formulated Herbal Medicines which can cure maximum ailments. We have launched our new products range of herbal medicines to cure the Chronic Diseases. Our website www.supremeayurveda.com is our online store front for reaching the customers worldwide.

About Kailash HerbalsBased in North Indian State Punjab, Kailash Herbals Pharmacy manufactures result oriented Ayurvedic medicines. Our main objective is to create awareness of our unique products in every nook and corner. Since our products are promoted ethically, they are well accepted by the medical practitioners/specialists both in Ayurvedic and Allopathic field.

We have put our best efforts to make our natural products very effective and the best in the world by giving results. We endeavor to make your online shopping experience hassle free and very pleasant. The age old herbal remedies and herbal supplements offered by Ayurveda often give miraculous results in many difficult health conditions. Herbs have been used medicinally by a wide-range of cultures for thousands of years. Herbal remedies can treat and prevent disease and illness of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive nervous, urinary systems as well as skin disorders. Wellness is not limited to disease treatment and prevention, but also involves maintaining a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep and exercise.

Our Aim
Is to spread the age-old time tested recipes of nature discovered in India thousands of years ago in the form of "Ayurveda".
We at "Kailash Herbals" are committed to the promotion of this beautiful "Science of Life and Longevity" to the entire world as we consider that the overall health of a person is the biggest asset.
"we cure the root cause of the disease not the ailments "

Business Goals
To focus on creating new natural and Ayurvedic formulations for the treatment of all disease and illness.
To extend the reach of our natural products in untapped national and international markets and establishing ourselves globally by leveraging on our rich experience and knowledge base in natural care products.
To achieve high international quality standards and procedures.
To prepare ourselves for the future and the internet age by adopting suitable technology inputs for achieving competitive advantage.